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     Erica Valentine lives in Los Angeles, California.  She is a musician, an actress, and a supermodel.  She has been in the entertainment business for many years.  She loves having fun and staying fit.  Here’s the stats:

Date of Birth: 

Valentine's Day (of course)

Place of Birth:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Height: 6'4" (almost 7' with wig and heels)
Weight: 175 lbs.
Measurements: 38"-32"-36" (what a winnin' hand)
Shoe Size: 14M (holy cow!)
Pantyhose Size: Queen (of course)
Hair: Blond, Brown, Red, Black
Eyes: Green
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Clothes: Everything in my closet
Favorite Makeup: Ben Nye, Prestige, Lancome, MAC
Favorite Perfume: Fendi
Favorite Magazine: Girl Talk
Favorite Movies: Austin Powers, Rocky, Kentucky Fried Movie, Funny Girl
Favorite Bands: ZZ Top, Bob Marley, Patsy Kline, Engelbert Humperdink, Tom Jones
Favorite Places: Hollywood, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Toronto, Damon's Restaurant (Glendale, CA)
Best Diet: Chicken Salad
Favorite Animals: Peanutbutter, Jelly & Marmalade (her kitties)
Goals: Be a Vegas Show Girl, Record a hit CD

Turn Ons:

Turn Offs:

A brand new pair of pantyhose Run in pantyhose
A perfectly blended Margarita Leaf blowers in the morning
Dark Polynesian cocktail lounges Globalization
Red Leatherette Root Canals
Likes: Dislikes:
Bubble baths when it's cold and rainy closed minded prejudice
Shopping for new dresses Violent People
Hitting a jack pot in Vegas False advertising
Finding shoes that fit Crooked politicians
Rocky Balboa Bad hair days
Proper diet and exercise, everyday, so you can always look good in that little dress! Put on some makeup and pantyhose and a nice outfit and go have fun!
Shopping, playing guitar, shopping, dressing up, shopping, going out, shopping!


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  Cartoon By Friend Meadow Presley

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